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Flowering Plant Reproduction - 15 Animal Pollinators Provide attractant Usually provide a reward (sometimes trick pollinators) Types of Animal Pollinators Birds Flowers pollinated by birds produce large amounts of nectar. Odor is not very important. Birds are visually attracted to the flower. Flowers often brightly colored and large or form large visually conspicuous inflorescences. (red and yellow are most common) Flower tubes filled with nectar are common. In the western hemisphere, hummingbirds are the most common pollinators
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Unformatted text preview: In other parts of the world, honey creepers and other specialized nectar feeders are found. Mammals, especially bats Bat flowers are night blooming, large, often white, and have, for the human nose, an odd odor. Bats also eat fruit and pollen. Pollen produced by flowers that is typically consumed by bats is high in protein. Bats that eat nectar have elongate tongues to lap the nectar from the flower surface. Nectar is often found in tubes, as well....
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