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Modified Structures - 5 Propagation Plantlets The formation of plantlets is a unique type of propagation. Some plants have the ability to form small new plantlets from leaf margins or the bases of the plant. If a stolon was not an elongated stem, the new shoots it produces at its tip could be considered plantlets. Some examples of plants that produce plantlets are: Kalanchoe , A number of “Maternity” plants Kalenchoe with plantlets
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Unformatted text preview: Piggyback Plant Modifications for Water Storage Succulents Succulents store water in special water storage parenchyma in leaves or in stems Some examples of succulent plants are: Most things in the Crassulaceae have succulent leaves A number of plants in the Cactaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Compositae and Asclepiadaceae families have succulent stems Frithia Buried leaf with "window" Jade Tree...
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