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PlantKingdom213-page6 - Ginkgo biloba The Angiosperms...

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Introduction to the Plant Kingdom - 6 Seed-dispersing Vascular Plant Phyla Progymnospermophyta - Extinct Pteridospermales Cordaitales Bennettitales The Gymnosperm Phyla Cycadophyta Ginkgophyta Coniferophyta Gnetophyta Redwood Pine Cycad Angiosperm Welwitschia (Gnetophyta)
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Unformatted text preview: Ginkgo biloba The Angiosperms Anthophyta Monocotyledones Eudicotyledones Plus Magnoliidae, including several orders Nymphaeales – Water Lilies Illiciales – Star Anise Amborellales Archaefructales – Earliest Anthophyte Fossil...
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