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Plant Tissues - 17 The expression of the GLABRA-2 homeotic gene controls root hair development. Epidermal cells may contact one cortex cell or two cortex cells. The GLABRA-2 gene is not expressed in epidermal cells that border two cortex cells; those epidermal cells produce root hairs. The expression of the GLABRA-2 gene in cells that border just on cortex cell prevents root hair development. Control of root hair formation Gnom mutant Arabidopisis (Green cells cannot form root hairs) If the first division of the zygote in the gnom mutant Arabidopsis is not asymmetrical, the developing embryo lacks polarity, and forms a mass with no
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Unformatted text preview: roots or leaves. This mutation is caused by the inability to transport the hormone, auxin in a polar direction. The differentiation of juvenile and mature leaf patterns is also associated with gene controls. The juvenile line will be retained in areas of the plant even after the apical meristem will have undergone a "phase change" since each node has "unique" meristem. As discussed in our section on flower structure, the same pattern genes differentially activate flower part differentiation. It is believed that selective transcription factors control the gene combinations for flower pattern....
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