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SporePlants213-page13 - and sterile stems rising from the...

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Spore-Dispersing Vascular Plants - 13 The leaves, which are greatly reduced megaphylls, are non-photosynthetic (usually pale brown in color). They are in fused into whorls at the joints, or nodes, of the stems and branches. Equisetum is homosporous. The sporangia are in sporangiophores clustered on terminal strobili. The unique spores are wrapped in spiral elaters that are hygroscopic, and uncoil to release the spores. Some Equisetums have separate fertile
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Unformatted text preview: and sterile stems rising from the rhizome. Strobilus and Sporangia Spores (SEM) Elaters uncoiled The gametophyte is small but photosynthetic. It looks like green "fuzz" on the surface of the soil. Both archegonia and antheridia may be found on the same gametophyte but some gametophytes are exclusively male. The sperm are multiflagellated, and must swim to archegonia....
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