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Roots - 8 Specialized and Modified Roots "Food" Storage Roots The most common specialized root is the storage root. Many of our important food crops are roots (some of which include the basal stem portions derived from the embryonic hypocotyl). The storage tissue is parenchyma that is produced from cambium regions in vascular tissue. In some plants, the cambium proliferates around secondary xylem in many locations. Some examples of storage roots that are economically important are:
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Unformatted text preview: Cassava Taro Sweet potato Beets and Sugar beets Carrots and Parsnips Radishes, Turnips and Rutabaga Aerial Roots Roots that do not grow underground are referred to as aerial roots. There are a number of different types of aerial roots. • Prop roots, which generally arise at stem nodes, provide additional support for the plant. Prop roots are found in corn and some tree species....
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