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Nutrients213-page1 - Plant Nutrients and Soil 1 As studied...

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Plant Nutrients and Soil - 1 As studied in Biology 211, cells need a variety of atoms and molecules to sustain life. Animals extract their nutrients, including organic fuel molecules, from the foods they consume by the process of digestion. Absorbed nutrients are circulated to cells and tissues, and non-digested materials are eliminated as waste products. Because animals obtain the vast majority of their nutrients from the foods they eat, obtaining food resources is a major activity of most animals. (See ecology section) . Most of us are familiar with the nutrient requirements for humans, and we know that if we fail to make good nutritional choices we may have health problems and nutritional deficiencies. Plants, too, have nutrient requirements. Although plants manufacture their own carbohydrates, proteins and lipids from inorganic materials, they require a number of minerals and other molecules needed to synthesize their cells' needs. If plants do not get their needed nutrients, they will have growth problems just like we do.
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