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Flowering Plant Reproduction - 5 The Flower: Structure and Function Plants lack motility; they are fixed in space. Yet sperm must get to egg just as much in plants as in animals (although some plants are self-fertile). Therefore, plants must be very clever to ensure that one's sperm gets to a proper egg, and that one's eggs receive proper sperm. To do so, the majority of plants employ a third party as sperm carrier. The functions of a flower are to: 1. Attract and reward the "third-party agents", called pollinators or pollinating agents, who transfer sperm to eggs 2. Contain the sporangia where meiosis occurs, the developing gametophytes (structures which develop from the meiotic product, the spore and which, after maturity, contain egg or sperm), and the gametes produced for sexual reproduction. Flower Structure The flower is a modified shoot system (branch with appendages {modified leaves}
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Unformatted text preview: attached). The floral parts are attached to the receptacle, the tip of the branch. The flower stalk to which the receptacle is attached is called the peduncle (or, sometimes, pedicel) A group or cluster of flowers is called the inflorescence. Since the flower is a modified shoot it develops from a flower bud located in the axil of leaf. This leaf, which "subtends" the inflorescence, is called a bract. Flower Parts The flower parts form whorls or layers within the flower. From the outer to inner whorls the flower is comprised of: Calyx • The calyx is comprised of leaf-like structures called sepals. • The calyx functions to protect the flower bud. The calyx is usually green and tough. • The calyx is seldom used to attract pollinators; if so the calyx will be showy....
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