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Classification of Plants Non-Vascular Plants Hepatophyta Anthocerophyta Bryophyta Spore-dispersing Vascular Plants Lycophyta o Lycopodiae o Selaginellae o Isoetae Pteridophyta o Equisetales o Psilotales o Pterophyta ± Ophioglossales ± Mararritales ± Filicales ± Marileales ± Salviniales Rhyniophyta – Extinct Zosterophyllophyta - Extinct Trimerophytophyta -Extinct Seed-dispersing Vascular Plants Progymnospermophyta – Extinct o Pteridospermales o Cordaitales o Bennettitales Cycadophyta Ginkgophyta Coniferophyta Gnetophyta
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Unformatted text preview: • Anthophyta o Eudicotyledones o Monocotyledones o Archaefructales – Fossil progenitor of Magnoliides o Magnoliides ± Magnoliales – Magnolia and Laurel familes ± Illiciales – Star Anise, Avocado and Pepper families o Nymphaeales – Water Lilies o Amborellales - Amborella Aquatic Plant (Algae) Phyla • Rhodophyta • Chlorophyta o Chlorphyceae o Ulvophyceae o Charophyceae (most closele allied to the Land Plants ± Coleochaetales ± Char a les...
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