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Introduction to the Plant Kingdom - 5 The Vascular Plant Phyla Vascular plants exhibit a number of advances that promote survival on land when compared with the non-vascular plants. The vascular plants include: Spore-dispersing Vascular Plant Phyla Rhyniophyta – Extinct Zosterophyllophyta - Extinct Trimerophytophyta - Extinct Lycophyta (Lycopodiophyta) Lycopodiae Selaginellae Isoetae Lycopodium Selaginella Isoetes Monilophyta or Pteridophyta
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Unformatted text preview: Equisetales (Equisetales) Psilotales (Psilotales) Ferns (Pterophyta) Ophioglossales – Eusporangiate ("initial" cells form layers) Marattiales – Eusporangiate Filicales – Homosporous and Leptosporangiate (one-cell origin) Salviniales – Heterosporous and Leptosporangiate Marsileales – Heterosporous and Leptosporangiate Psilotum Equiseum Maidenhair Fern...
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