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Nutrients213-page11 - Plant Nutrients and Soils 11 Use of...

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Plant Nutrients and Soils - 11 Use of pesticides and herbicides to minimize crop loss is a whole other issue, not to be addressed at this time. In spite of these issues, or perhaps because of these issues, there is much emphasis today in agriculture to use practices for sustainable agriculture, practices that minimize erosion such as minimal tillage, contour planting and windbreaks are used. Soils are monitored for acid/base balance and mineral needs to use fertilizers more judiciously, along with crop rotation using crops that require different mineral proportions on different years. Research is conducted on how best to irrigate for plant needs, conserve water and reduce leaching. Genetic Modifications to Enhance Plant Survival As discussed in Biology 211, genetic modification of plants to improve plant growth within a given environmental condition or to improve a plant for human purposes is now common. We will discuss a few examples of genetic modification to enhance
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