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SeedPlants213-page5 - • Pollen produced in a...

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Seed-Dispersing Plants - 5 Progymnospermophyta – The Fossil Seed Plants Pteridospermales – Fossil Seed Ferns Cordaitales – Primitive Conifer-like Bennettitales – Fossil Cycadeoides Several groups have been reconstructed from fossil data Important as the probable progenitors of today's seed plants Often with fern-like fronds Produced seeds on modified leaves called sporophylls
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Unformatted text preview: • Pollen produced in a synagium (similar to the sporangium of a fern without an annulus) Seed Fern Reconstruction Fossil Seed Fern Cordaites branch (Primitive Conifer-like) Reconstruction of Weilandiella (Bennettiales) Reconstruction of Archeaopteris, a progymnosperm (Archeaopteris lacked seeds)...
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