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Diversity Introduction - 1 A part of Biology 213 focuses on the diversity of organisms with whom we share our world. Diversity crosses all three terms of BCC’s one-year biology course. Animal diversity is included in Biology 212 and bacterial genetics is briefly discussed in Biology 211. Biology 211 also includes an introduction to the broad classification systems used today, and many in Biology 212 learn much about current classification schemes through the study of evolutionary relationships of organisms. The diversity of Eubacteria, Archaea, Protists, Fungi and Plants traditionally are a part of Biology 213, with emphasis on plant diversity. Throughout recorded history, humans have been trying to find natural explanations for our observations of events around us, including explanations for the wonderful diversity of organisms. Humans of all cultures have tried to group, or classify organisms, in attempts to clarify what has been observed. Like everything else in biology, classification systems are a work in progress, and
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