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Seed-Dispersing Plants - 14 Ovulate cone Megasporangium The immature female cone (which contains the megasporangia on its cone scales) is called the pollination cone. When the female gametophyte is mature, the cone is referred to as the fertilization cone. Cones with mature seeds are called mature cones. Seeds obtain nutrients from nutrient tissue within the female gametophyte (which obtained its nutrients for growth from the sporophyte).
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Unformatted text preview: Sexual reproduction may take up to 3 seasons to complete in some genera. Female cones of Pinus may go through a Pollination year, a Fertilization year and a Maturation year. Male cones are produced annually. It is possible to find all four cones on one tree. Pollination cone Fertilization cone Pine embryo Pine seed Pine seedling Conifer seeds are not surrounded by protective by sterile tissue, just the cone scale....
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