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L15_SeismicReflectionII-page10 - Two-way traveltime of ray...

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Applied Geophysics – Seismic reflection II Stacking velocity Multiple layer case Stacking velocity panels: constant velocity gathers Note: the sensitivity to velocity decreases with depth Applied Geophysics – Seismic reflection II Multiple layers Interval velocity i i i t z V = 0 ' T Z V = = i i i RMS t t V V 2 RMS n V z x t 2 2 4 + = ( ) ( ) 1 1 2 1 , 2 , int = n n n n RMS n n RMS t t t V t V V Average velocity Root-mean- square velocity
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Unformatted text preview: Two-way traveltime of ray reflected off the n th interface at a depth z The interval velocity of layer n determined from the rms velocities and the two-way traveltimes to the n th and n-1 th reflectors Dix equation The interval velocity can be determined from the rms velocities layer by layer starting at the top...
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