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L10-page18 - Mapping the Limits of a Municipal Landfill WM...

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Unformatted text preview: Mapping the Limits of a Municipal Landfill WM Eifiifi g §aas§ Inn-lemma] 1mm Ohieewe: Tompmmmmmmm hskunent WMmmmmMfl-mdflofln comm Mod: WWW Prue-mtg: Immmbmummmm male: Feaflenmleet We! WEB-1 flWfldemm} mammeénmosmameaom 134‘. ___:I 0364!) Mapping of Stratigraphy Sand and Gravel Lenses in Clay Environment 455055 903570100200 mmcmm: germ” Til: 0100121336683 Far: .1512:st 5-m- W maintain-um u H ......1 E I? Sand and graves .— -——~L—_-— ' "" '— l . ._ me___ _ .. Shale x~h_d4—r- an“. §§sa§§ TWO parallel profiles. 25' apart. Sand and gravel solulion channels show higherraslatlvllymanflieslllydayorlheahaleflulehmmelwu prelilaashowalmoellheaamelayerlng alneameyaramlyzs'(ca8m) apart. E l) 18 ...
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