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Applied Geophysics – Analysis and examples General approach Methodology of interpretation 1. Compile data along profiles or as a map This includes applying all corrections for surface variations 2. Apply isolation and enhancement techniques i.e. filters Identify residuals of interest, source shape outlines 3. Apply approximate interpretation techniques Use simple shape formula to estimate size and depth of sources 4. Use forward techniques to determine source parameters Application of forward approaches ensures the postulated structure makes geological sense
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Apply inverse techniques to determine source parameters Translate results into meaningful geologic model …don’t fall into the blind inversion trap Applied Geophysics – Analysis and examples Forward modeling Methodology of interpretation 1. Make a skilled guess of the structure (the model) 2. Calculate the anomaly this would produce 3. Compare to the observations (the data) 4. Adjust the model and recalculate etc… Each iteration could be done by hand, automated, or a combination (best)...
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