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Applied Geophysics – Waves and rays - II Head wave You can see: a head wave, trapped surface wave, diving body wave Applied Geophysics – Waves and rays - II Factors affecting velocity ρ µ κ 3 4 + = P V = S V Density – velocity typically increases with density ( κ and µ are dependant on ρ and increase more rapidly than ρ ) Poisson’s ratio – related to V P /V S This is used to distinguish between rock/sediment types. It is usually
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Unformatted text preview: more sensitive than just V P alone. The significant variations in sediments are usually due to porosity variations and water saturation. Water saturation has no effect on V S (for low porosities) but a significant effect on V P . Porosity and fluid saturation Increasing porosity reduces velocity. Filling the porosity with fluid increases the velocity. M F sat V V V φ − + = 1 1...
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