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9 Proton Precession Magnetometer • Two coils surrounding bottle of water or hydrogen rich fluid. • One to induce field in different direction then natural field. • One to measure voltage caused by precessing protons. • Measurement process: • Protons originally aligned with natural field (A). • External coil is energized with a DC current resulting in a strong B field that aligns protons (B). • Current turned off; protons precess back to alignment with external field, generating AC current in receiver coil at Larmor
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Unformatted text preview: Frequency (C). Larger fields -> higher frequencies Proton Precession Magnetometer Advantages Dont have to align bottle with field. Fairly lightweight yet rugged. Disadvantages Cant record continuously Cant measure vector field Measurement accuracy : 0.1 to 1nT with sampling time of 0.5 to 2s. Can get 0.1 nT accuracy if we have 0.004 Hz frequency resolution....
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