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Applied Geophysics – Gravity theory and measurement Unstable gravimeter Measuring g: Applies and additional negative restoring force to amplify changes in g Uses a zero length spring: the restoring force is equal to the length of the spring Suitable choice of mass, spring constant and geometry makes the system unstable and very sensitive to changes in g LaCoste-Romberg gravimeter Applied Geophysics – Gravity theory and measurement Survey design Gravity surveying
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Unformatted text preview: s Survey design considerations • Uniform grid – for easier interpretation • Station spacing: s < h h is the depth of the body of interest • Avoid steep tomographic gradients • Absolute and relative station locations are needed …how accurate? Typical station spacing Regional geologic studies: km to 10s of km Local structure/Engineering/Environmental: 10s to 100s m Near surface e.g. archeology: few meters...
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