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7 Acquisition of Magnetic Data • Magnetic Survey Instrumentation • “Fluxgate” Type • “Proton-Precession” Type • These magnetometers may be used as stationary mode or from moving platforms • “Alkali-vapor magnetometers” are used for high precision surveys • Magnetic Gradiometer Flux Gate Magnetometer • Uses electromagnetic induction concepts • Two permeable coils are wound in opposition opposite directions • Coils driven with AC signal
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Unformatted text preview: • Cores are driven to saturation • A secondary coil is wound around both cores: • Detects changes in magnetic field • In absence of external magnetic field, signals in primary coils will cancel • In presence of external magnetic signal, one primary coil will saturate before the other, creating an imbalance in magnetic field to be detected via EM induction in secondary coil • It may be aligned in different directions...
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