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Unformatted text preview: 9- 909.69 (mol CH /h)n1425C4(mol/h)n1525C0.96 mol O /mol20.04 mol N /mol2(mol CH /h)n1440.96n15(mol O /h)20.04n15(mol N /h)2converterFeed gas, 650CPreheatersConverterproductTad(C)quenchConverterproduct38Cfilter(mol CH /h)n64(mol C H /h)n722(mol H /h)n82(mol CO/h)n9n10(mol CO /h)2(mol H O/h)n112(mol N /h)n122(mol C( )/h)n13s(mol C( )/h)n13s(mol CH /h)n64(mol C H /h)n722(mol H /h)n82(mol CO/h)n9n10(mol CO /h)2(mol H O/h)n112(mol N /h)n122absorber0.917(mol DMF/h)n1stripperLean solventRich solvent(mol/h)n10.0155 mol C H /mol220.0063 mol CO /mol20.00055 mol CO/mol0.00055 mol CH /mol40.0596 mol H O/mol20.917 mol DMF/molAbsorber off-gas(mol H /h)n82(mol N /h)n1220.988(mol CO/h)n90.950(mol CH /h)n640.006(mol C H /h)n7220.991 mol C H ( )/mol220.00059 mol H O/mol20.00841 mol CO /mol2(mol/h)n15000 kg/h Product gasBasis:(mol CO/h)n2(mol CH /h)n34(mol H O( )/h)n4v2n5(mol CO /h)2Stripper off-gasgAverage M.W. of product gas:M=++=0 991 26 040 00059 18 0160 00841 44 012619..........
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