Assignment4 - Assignment 4 Q4 Identify three federal...

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Assignment # 4 Q4. Identify three federal regulatory agencies with specific responsibilities relating to white collar crime: describe the jurisdictions of these agencies. Which agencies appear to be most effective, or even counterproductive, and why? What factors specifically influence how agencies operate? According to our textbook, because of the complex, often interjurisdictional character of much white collar crime, federal agencies have played a much larger role in the investigation of these crimes than local police agencies. On the other had, regulatory agencies have three basic functions: rule making, administration, and adjudication. The following three federal regulatory agencies are as follows: 1. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 2. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 3. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) These federal regulatory agencies often find themselves contending with countervailing proregulatory and antiregulatory forces, make them shifting from one to another in order to survive. This forces or factors are complex and ranging from political pressure to professional pride to personal greed. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) The FDA currently regulates, inspects, monitors, tests, and develops guidelines for a wide range of products as follows: Foods Drugs Cosmetics Medical devices Radiation-Emitting Products Tobacco Products In many cases, the manufacturer actually conducts the tests, and the FDA has no direct control over this testing process. FDA inspectors are authorized to inspect any plant that produces products falling under the agency’s jurisdiction. Further, it has jurisdiction over violation of its
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Assignment4 - Assignment 4 Q4 Identify three federal...

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