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Common Equations Used In Renal Physiology Name Equation Units Comments Clearance C x = [U] x V [P] x ml/min x is any substance Clearance Ratio Clearance Ratio = C x C inulin None Also means fractional excretion of x Renal plasma flow RPF = [U] PAH V [RA] PAH - [RV] PAH ml/min Effective renal plasma flow Effective RPF = [U] PAH V [P] PAH ml/min Underestimates RPF by 10% Equals C PAH Renal Blood Flow RBF = RPF 1 - Hct ml/min 1 - Hct is fraction of blood volume that is plasma Glomerular Filtration Rate GFR = [U] inulin
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Unformatted text preview: V [P] inulin ml/min Equals C inulin Filtration Fraction FF = GFR RPF None Filtered Load Filtered Load = GFR x [P] x mg/min Excretion Rate Excretion = V X [U] x mg/min Reabsorption or Secretion Rate Reabsorption or secretion = filtered load - excretion mg/min If positive , net reabsorption If negative , net secretion Free-Water Clearance C H2O = V - C osm ml/min If positive , free water is excreted If negative , free water is reabsorbed...
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