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AA study guide - Lysine(B – collagen Glutamine – main N...

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Adapted with permission from Katie Holzworth, Class 123 Glucogenic Ketogenic Glycine collagen Alanine Both Proline collagen Valine (bc) Phenylalanine ( ↑) Leucine (bc) cholesterol Methionine SAMe Isoleucine (bc) Tryptophan ( ↑) serotonin, melatonin, niacin Cysteine disulfide bridge Asparagine Histidine (B) - histamine Threonine
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Unformatted text preview: Lysine (B) – collagen Glutamine – main N carrier Serine – H-bonding Tyrosine ( ↑) – thyroid hormones, melanin, catecholamines Aspartic Acid (A) Glutamic Acid (A) – GABA Arginine (B) – nitric oxide (NO) Essential Nonpolar Polar Key A = acidic B = basic bc = branched chain ↑ = aromatic Important...
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