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Biochem 1 Final Exam Review Sheet Carbohydrate Chemistry Distinguish between simple & complex carbs List monosaccharides & disaccharides (know sugars and bonds found in sucrose, lactose, maltose & isomaltose) Compare homopolysaccharides & heteropolysaccharides Identify & be able to name aldoses, ketoses, number of carbons, anomeric carbons, D or L carbons, pyranose or furanose Identify bond types (alpha or beta, carbons involved) Define a reducing sugar Compare amylose & amylopectin Compare starch & glycogen List soluble & insoluble fibers Know sources of each; homoglycan or heteroglycan? What are the health benefits of soluble & insoluble fibers? List grains that are included in whole grains To be considered a whole grain, the grain must contain what? Describe benefits/concerns of each portion of whole grain (fiber, antioxidants, etc.). Why is phytate considered an antinutrient? Describe other carbs of interest (GAG, proteoglycan, etc.) What are some examples or where would you find them?
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Unformatted text preview: Is high fructose corn syrup worse than sucrose? What is the normal range of fasting blood glucose? How do insulin & glucagon regulate blood glucose? What are symptoms of hypoglycemia & hyperglycemia? What are some causes of hypoglycemia? How is hypoglycemia diagnosed & treated? What are the differences between Type I & Type II diabetes? What do you call the compounds made from glucose fragments that are toxic in diabetes? What are macrovascular and microvascular complications of uncontrolled diabetes? Most people with diabetes eventually die from what disease? What are the differences between a high GI and low GI food? Compare & contrast artificial sweeteners (which are heat stable, general structure, etc.) Carb Digestion Describe carb digestion from mouth to excretion List enzymes, secretions & hormones involved in carb digestion & where they are located Describe monosaccharide absorption & transport to the liver...
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