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Biochemistry I Exam 3 Review Sheet Protein Chemistry Identify chiral carbons Identify amino acids (AA) as D or L Identify the 20 AA List the 9 essential AA List ketogenic AA, both ketogenic & glucogenic AA & only glucogenic AA List polar, nonpolar, & aromatic AA List 3 branched chain AA. Where are they metabolized? Which AA is a precursor to cholesterol? Serotonin? Dopamine? Thyroxine? Which AA is replaced in sickle cell anemia? Which cofactor(s) are necessary for AA metabolism? Which coenzyme(s)? List complete & incomplete proteins (which AA is/are missing in corn, wheat, rice, and legumes?) Where does most of our protein in our AA pool come from? What are some causes of recycling? Compare positive & negative nitrogen balance Be able to determine which protonated/deprotonated AA structures will be found at a given pH (pKs will be given)
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Unformatted text preview: Be able to identify the pI of an AA (from given pKs) Explain the 4 levels of protein structure Compare globular & fibrous proteins Describe collagen structure (which AA are found in high concentrations?) What role does Vitamin C play in collagen formation? Describe denaturation How does heat & pH affect protein structure? Describe the functions of protein (hormones, structure, immunoglobulins, transport, enzymes, fluid balance, etc.) What is protein deficiency called? What 2 compounds can you test for to determine a protein deficiency? Which is faster? Protein Digestion Describe protein digestion from mouth to excretion List enzymes, secretions & hormones involved in protein digestion & where they are located Describe amino acid and peptide absorption Describe amino acid transport across the basolateral membrane...
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