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Digestive Enzymes - Digestive Enzymes Secreted From...

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Digestive Enzymes Secreted From Secreted Into Enzymes Substrate Action & Products (Hydrolysis Reactions) Products Absorbed Salivary glands Mouth Salivary α -amylase Lingual lipase Starch Triglycerides (TAGs) S ome α(1 -4) bonds to form dextrins & branched oligosaccharides Minimal action - - Gastric glands Stomach Pepsin* Gastric lipase Protein in presence of HCl Short & medium chain fatty acids (FA) Endopeptidase digest proteins to polypeptides TAGs to free FA & diglycerides (DAGs) - - Pancreas Small intestine Pancreatic lipase & colipase Cholesterol esterase Phospholipase A 2 * Pancreatic α - amylase Trypsin* & chymotrypsin* Carboxypeptidase* Elastase* Collagenase Ribonuclease & deoxyribonuclease Fat in presence of bile salts Cholesterol esters Phospholipids Starch & dextrins Proteins & polypeptides Polypeptides Fibrous protein Collagen RNA & DNA TAGs & DAGs to form β - monoglycerides (sn-2 MAGs) & FA Forms free cholesterol & FA Removes FA at sn-2 Hydrolysis to glucose, maltose & isomaltase Endopeptidases digest proteins
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