EBCP paper SP11 - Evidence-Based Clinical Practice(EBCP...

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Evidence-Based Clinical Practice (EBCP) Paper Guidelines Due April 15 th , 2011 20 points There are no minimum or maximum page requirements for this paper as long as all 6 parts are included. This is due IN LECTURE on April 15 th . Late papers and emailed copies will not be accepted. The example paper cannot be used for your article. Please attach a pdf of your article!! Part 1: Research question (1 point) Come up with one biochemistry or chiropractic related question that can be answered by finding published peer- reviewed evidence. Example: Can Vitamin D deficiency increase risk of premenopausal breast cancer? Part 2: Search strategy (3 points) Write a paragraph containing information used to search for articles pertaining to your research question. Please include databases searched, keywords used, the number of hits you received, and your criteria for choosing your article. Please be aware that the paper you choose must contain RR, AR, OR, or NNT. Be sure that you can get access to the full text of the article!! Example: A Pubmed (2000 November 2009) search was conducted using the keywords Vitamin D and premenopausal breast cancer causing 26 papers to be retrieved, including 7 reviews and 8 full text articles. Based on the titles, most articles dealt more with bone loss during breast cancer therapy. The most recent article related to Vitamin D and risk of premenopausal breast cancer containing RR, ARR, OR, or NNT was a case-controlled study from Germany published in the International Journal of Cancer in January 2009 (Vol. 124, Pg. 250). The article was available as full text from Pubmed, so I did not have to use Palmer Library’s A -Z ejournal list to find the pdf. Other search tips: Try using ‘RR’, ‘ARR’, ‘odds ratio’, or ‘NNT’ as keywords in your search. Do not use ‘OR’ as a keyword, as the database thinks it is or and not odds ratio . Part 3: Article summary (5 points) *See plagiarism statement on following page!* Give a brief summary of the article in paper format. Be sure to include: background on what the objective of the study was and why they were testing it. a few sentences on the methods used.
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EBCP paper SP11 - Evidence-Based Clinical Practice(EBCP...

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