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Unformatted text preview: Biochemistry 1, Exam 1 Practice Questions Reduction of an aldehyde yields a/an a. ketone. c. carboxylic acid. b. alcohol. d. ester. The ratio of bicarbonate:carbonic acid in plasma is important to keep the blood at physiologic pH. If the ratio increases a condition called __________________ occurs. a. acidosis c. anemia b. pancreatitis d. alkalosis The portion of the cell that contains DNA material is the a. golgi complex. c. ribosome. b. nucleolus. d. lysosome. Proteins are different from the other macronutrients because they contain which element? a. C c. H b. N d. O Which is not true of digestion? a. bolus is food and saliva; bolus is received by the cardiac region of the stomach from the esophagus b. the fundus of the stomach is responsible for grinding and mixing the bolus, producing chyme; chyme is partially digested food c. the primary site for digestion in the digestive tract is in the duodenum; the duodenum is the upper region of the small intestine d. motilin is the hormone necessary for increasing motility in the stomach, small intestine & large intestine; d....
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