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Checklist for the Appraisal of Case Reports (Leave items blank that do not apply.) Title ________________________________________________________________________________ Author _______________________ Journal ________________ Vol. ___ Issue ___ Date ___________ The Abstract presents an accurate description of the case and its implications. ± Yes ± Partly ± No The case covers a new or unique feature of patient management. ± Yes ± Partly ± No The reason for reporting the case is made clear. ± Yes ± Partly ± No The impact of the health problem on society is stated. ± Yes ± Partly ± No An adequate literature review was conducted. ± Yes ± Partly ± No The references support the rationale for reporting the case. ± Yes ± Partly ± No The patient is described adequately (e.g., chief complaint, history, etc.). ± Yes ± Partly ± No The management of the case is effectively described. ± Yes ± Partly ± No Valid and reliable outcome measures are utilized. ± Yes
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