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Unformatted text preview: Checklist for the Appraisal of Review Articles (Leave items blank that do not apply.) Title ________________________________________________________________________________ Author _______________________ Journal ________________ Vol. ___ Issue ___ Date ___________ The topic covered by the review is of interest. ¡ Yes ¡ Partly ¡ No The Introduction provides a compelling need for the review. ¡ Yes ¡ Partly ¡ No A clear study question is presented. ¡ Yes ¡ Partly ¡ No The study question is focused on a specific clinical issue. ¡ Yes ¡ Partly ¡ No Methods are described in enough detail so that the study could be duplicated. ¡ Yes ¡ Partly ¡ No The inclusion/exclusion criteria used to select articles are provided. ¡ Yes ¡ Partly ¡ No The inclusion/exclusion criteria are appropriate. ¡ Yes ¡ Partly ¡ No Query terms specified for the literature search are fitting. ¡ Yes ¡ Partly ¡ No The number and choice of databases utilized in the literature search is sufficient....
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