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Subject: Action Posted by Nathan Aime Thu Aug 19 18:22:33 2010. Message: One thing that I have been motivated to do and took a chance in order to accomplish my goal was deciding to become a business owner. I had met others who owned businesses and learned as much as I could and looked at the decisions they had made and saw what worked for them and what did not work so well. The outcome was a success. Even though there have been many challenges, I have learned from them and it has taught me a lot about business and also a lot about myself. In thinking about the present and considering my options of ways to overcome future fears of attending and finishing college, I think the most effective method is to make short term goals to be able to feel more accomplishments and to see progress. I am a goal motivated person and I always push myself harder if
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Unformatted text preview: the task seems small because I do not feel overwhelmed by such a large challenge. I also find that I perform more efficiently when I am well organized and create lists to be able to check off the things I have done. Having things unorganized makes me feel stressed out and makes me want to give up before I get started. Posted by Nathan Aime Thu Aug 19 18:40:11 2010. Message: I share your thoughts of feeling excited and yet at the same time terrified, as I'm sure most people are when they are faced with a life changing decision. It is good that even though the military has not been everything you hoped it would be, you were able to grow personally from the experience. My thoughts have drastically transformed through the years as I have fought this "War of Terror."...
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