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Subject: Levels of knowledge Posted by Nathan Aime Wed Aug 4 16:00:35 2010. Message: Based on the four knowledge levels, an example of what would be on level one for me is quantum physics. Someone can tell me all about it, but it is something that is just hard for me to grasp and wrap my mind around. I think it is probably because I am just not interested in it, therefore, I don’t even care that I don’t know anything about it. Level two would be the subject of skydiving. It is something that I enjoy and I know enough about it that I make decisions for myself when purchasing gear or knowing what I can and cannot do based on my skill level, but I do not feel that I am proficient enough to teach anyone about how to do it. Level three would be brewing beer. I know enough to be able to teach someone how to do it and I can explain the important characteristics to someone else. It has been something I have
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Unformatted text preview: enjoyed and spent a lot of time trying new things and constantly educating myself on the many different variables that are involved and how they affect the final product. Level four would be urban combat. A subject I would like to raise my knowledge level is in making wine. The way I plan on learning more in that area is by reading and trying to do it myself. Posted by Nathan Aime Wed Aug 4 16:09:59 2010. Message: I agree with you on the spellcheck not catching all the mistakes. I feel that I am better at spelling and grammar than average and I have even taken a few classes to learn the rules of grammar, but the English language has so many different ways of saying the same thing. I end up just pushing through it and doing the best I can....
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