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Getting Motivated posted by Nathan Aime Tue Jul 6 22:08:53 2010 One of my goals is to have less anxiety about learning. The reason I want to attain this particular goal is because I feel that it will improve my life in an overall way by increasing my exposure to events and paths that I would not have otherwise went down. I have enjoyed the journey that life has led me on so far and I have had many adventures that I am grateful for that I would not have experienced if I were closed minded. The steps I will take to make my goal happen would be to do what I am currently doing: take the leap and dive into a whole new world. I feel that anxiety will lessen the more you are comfortable with doing something, and the more you do a particular thing, the more you get comfortable with that particular thing. So if that makes any sense, that is my strategy of how to overcome the fear and anxiety of embarking on a new adventure of going back to college. As far as support is concerned, I don't really
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Unformatted text preview: have much of a support system because I haven't really told anybody that I am trying to finish my bachelors degree. Re: motivation posted by posted by Nathan Aime Tue Jul 6 22:16:59 2010 I think that is a great way to plan on not procrastinating. I have the same challenge: to be motivated to do something else that seems like it is more fun than what needs to get done. I am trying the same approach, I haven't been on facebook or watched TV since class has started. I think everyone thinks they are too busy to accomplish the goals that they wish for, but it is just a matter of priorities. Re: Getting Motivated posted by posted by Nathan Aime Tue Jul 6 22:21:28 2010 I think as long as you stay focused and stay positive you can accomplish any goal that you set for yourself. It's great that you have others that you have witnessed accomplish the same goal. That makes it all seem more realistic and more likely to come true....
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