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Subject: Grouping Posted by Nathan Aime Tue Aug 10 19:58:41 2010. Message: The group situation in which I work best is the small group. An example of a negative experience I have had in being in a group was during a speech class in which we were divided into groups to work on a project. It ended up being a couple people doing all the work and the rest getting a free ride on how well the group did with the finished outcome. That is definitely what I try to avoid and why I hate working in groups. The good have to suffer for the bad. An example of a positive experience that I have had in being in a group was doing a competition where everyone encourages each other to push themselves to the maximum ability to do the best. Even if you end up not winning in the end, you know that it is not because someone did not put out the effort that was needed.
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Unformatted text preview: I think it is more difficult to form a support group for online classes because everyone has their own life and different schedules going on that get in the way. I think if I were to have a support group, it would need to be people that are currently taking the same classes or have taken the classes that I am taking in order to give me a different perspective. Posted by Nathan Aime Tue Aug 10 20:55:51 2010. Message: I know how you feel with being in a large group. I don't like doing things in large groups either. I agree with you about not being able to perform as well as if you are alone. I have a tendency to get distracted as well when others get involved and don't focus on the desired outcome....
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