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After completing the questionnaire my assessed learning style turned out to be a tactile/kinesthetic learner. I feel that I would somewhat classify myself as a tactile/kinesthetic learner, but I feel based off of prior experience that I am a visual learner. Yes, hands on does work for me most of the time, however if there is too much distraction around me I am unable to focus and comprehend any of the information presented. Personally I feel I am able to gain much more from a specific topic if visuals are present such as if I see a graph, flow chart, or drawing etc. explaining a certain topic. Also, another main reason I feel that I am more of a visual learner opposed to a tactile/kinesthetic learner is because I like to envision what I need to see “paint a
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Unformatted text preview: picture in my mind or to even draw a small sketch to show what I mean. Nevertheless, from reading the section on tactile/kinesthetic learners I feel I have gained more knowledge regarding the specific group I was classified and to maybe use some of the tips suggested to see if they improve my everyday learning style. Posted by Nathan Aime Sat Jul 17 23:18:56 2010 Message: I like the hands on approach as well. If I just read something from a book, I dont comprehend the information as well as if I watch it on television or physically see someone do the task as opposed to just reading it...
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