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Subject: Movement and Learning Posted by Nathan Aime Thu Jul 22 20:19:04 2010. Message: The ways that I have sensed cues from my body that show diminished focus or energy when I am working on a project, reading, or studying is when I feel sleepy or unable to concentrate. If I am sleepy, I find that I either need to take a nap or do something to get my blood flowing like going for a run in order to clear my mind and relieve stress. I have also found that caffeine helps, but I will still have a tendency for my mind to wander into other thoughts of anything else other than the topic I am supposed to be currently concentrating on. Sometimes I will have to put myself in a different setting and change the environment I am in. For example, if I am sitting in my living room and find that I cannot concentrate on the topic, I will go outside
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Unformatted text preview: and it seems to help for a while. Another thing that I have found that works is when I find myself not focusing, I will call someone and talk on the phone for a few minutes and talk about something other than what I am trying to focus on and then go back to trying to read. Posted by Nathan Aime Thu Jul 22 20:22:32 2010. Message: I think you mentioned some very good points that I will keep in mind for when I feel my energy and focus decrease. The music is a great idea, and I agree with waking up and drinking some strong coffee and having a good breakfast. Posted by Nathan Aime Thu Jul 22 20:26:23 2010. Message: I constantly try to have an open mind and I am always interested in seeing how other people do things so that I may choose to make some changes in the way I do things if they are more effective. ....
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