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Subject: Evaluation Argument Thesis Posted by Nathan Aime Wed Dec 29 21:27:11 2010. Message: Thesis Statement: The government should not have a say in our diet. As far as breeding lab rats to be bald to find out if a chemical is effective at treating baldness, I disagree with the use of animals to test products. There are humans that are willing to volunteer for free to test a company's products and feel that the animal did not volunteer to be put in that environment. There have always been people that are willing to accept payment for things that others are not willing to do. I feel that going this route will accomplish the mission of finding out if the product is a success or failure and no living organism is forced to do anything against its will. Posted by Nathan Aime Thu Dec 30 15:32:40 2010. Message: Darrin, I agree that the major issue is the fact of mistreatment. I also agree in killing animals for
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Unformatted text preview: food and have no problem with it if it is done humanely, but in instances where you have a cattle factory or chicken factory and they live in horrible conditions, I completely disagree. You also make a very valid point of the use of this mouse and the issue of baldness not being that important. Posted by Nathan Aime Thu Dec 30 15:39:00 2010. Message: It is up to the beliefs of the parents. One of the things that make this world so interesting is that everyone is different in some way. That is also viewed as a negative thing when others are different, and a lot of times we have trouble agreeing or understanding why others do the things they do that are different than the way we do things. That is why we have had wars between cultures from time immemorial....
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