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Subject: Discussion post 5 Posted by Nathan Aime Wed Aug 4 23:06:02 2010. Message: Unsupervised employees represent potential internal control threats because of the lack of structure and control within the group there is not the order that is needed to be disciplined. Rules and regulations are usually not taken seriously or disregarded completely because consequences are not enforced for fear of losing friendships. One way to mitigate this issue is by delegating a subordinate to take charge while you as the business owner is away. Having a manager in place that enforces the rules is necessary. Posted by Nathan Aime Wed Aug 4 23:15:02 2010.
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Unformatted text preview: Message: I agree with you about having specific responsibilities set out for employees to have accountability of who is doing what. It encourages me to follow all the rules when I am held accountable for my actions and have clear concise expectations set out for me. Grey areas make it easy to push the limit. Posted by Nathan Aime Wed Aug 4 23:18:53 2010. Message: I think the security measures are necessary once your business reaches a size that you loose the interpersonal relationships, but it will sometimes cause employees to feel like they are being accused of being untrustworthy which decreases morale....
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