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Subject: Discussion Post 7 Posted by Nathan Aime Wed Aug 18 23:03:50 2010. Message: One of the reasons a business would disclose but not record contingent liabilities is in the event that the contingency is only reasonably possible. In this way, you keep the trust of the shareholders by having a clear disclosure and transparency of the business without having reports of ethics violations and scandals. When debating the question of whether the benefits today are worth the potential future cost, you have to analyze the effects that it will have on the overall operation of the business. Posted by Nathan Aime Thu Aug 19 12:19:54 2010. Message: My opinion in regards to the accounting aspect of business when dealing with rebates, which we know they are hoping everyone is too lazy to send it in, is that they credit the books assuming that everyone will send in the rebate, but hope they have an actual small percentage of rebates mailed in.
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Unformatted text preview: Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Posted by Nathan Aime Thu Aug 19 12:13:26 2010. Message: I think that for purposes of accounting, it is in Walmart's best interest to use the short 15 day cycle so that each month there is a more precise report on liabilities. I disagree with you on your statement about purchasing a home today has no future value in it. If anything, I would say now more than ever homes have more potential to increase in value since they have already fallen to more realistic expectations. The same goes for the stock markets. If you look at the statistics over the past 100 years, regardless how bad of a recession, the overall trend has been an increase since there has never been a 10 year period of negative returns....
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