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Ethical Argument Progress Report Nathan Aime As far as this English 102 course, I look at my grades received on my previous essays: Definition Essay 50/100, Causal Essay 90/150, Evaluation Essay 130/150, Proposal Essay-Not Graded. It would appear that the grades have been improving, and I expect to receive 150/150 on the Proposal Essay since I made the changes needed to get full credit. I do not agree with the scores given to my past essays. I feel the first two essays should’ve been a lot higher than an F, as the expectation to not quote any material had not been communicated nor explained that the grade would be based off of. With such a low grade, it appears that I just did not try at all. That is definitely not the case. I worked harder than I have in any other class that I have been receiving all A’s in, and
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Unformatted text preview: produced what I thought was expected. One loses hope when their dreams of success are smashed when they know they have given it their best and in the end it all depends on another’s decision. I feel that I have learned a lot from this course as far as writing is concerned, yet my course grade is quite discouraging. As for the Ethical Essay, my topic is on the ethicality of war argued from the viewpoint of the economic benefits war provides for countries involved. I have found many sources that I have been researching for two weeks. I should be ready to submit my rough draft in a couple of days. I have most of it written and ready to be revised....
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