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Nathan Aime David Becker English 102 December 30, 2010 Food Fight Why does the federal government sincerely believe that they should have the authority to tell the American people what not to eat? This type of government initiative only further reinforces a trend that promotes and allows for an ever-expanding government. It has been a great debate concerning the issue of control when it comes to the diets of the American population. Some issues that have been brought to light have been labeling of food products stating the food does not contain rBGH in the milk or that certain foods are “GMO free.” The government feels that Americans continue to follow the marketing campaigns of corporations selling their products and do not have the intelligence to make wise decisions and must be controlled. Should the government have a say in our diet? The argument for the government dictating our diet will most certainly be that the government has to control our diets to keep down the cost of health care. It all started with trans fats. Many cities and states banned their use and fast food restaurants removed them from their list of ingredients. The Happy Meal ban then came which banned toys from being included in the calorie, fat and sodium-laden kid's meals. Weight Watchers has changed their ingredients in the recipes to become more nutritionally sound. The House of Representatives passed a bill overhauling the school lunch system. The US Army has made the decision to step into the war against the nation’s expanding waistlines and growing cases of diabetes and heart disease. It has been concluded that the menu of cola and cookies is not the optimal diet to feed the women and men protecting our country. The soda fountains in the US Army mess halls will soon be swapped
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aimenathan_Eng102_unit3revised - Nathan Aime David Becker...

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