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Subject: Definition Essay DB Posted by Nathan Aime Wed Dec 15 13:48:21 2010. Message: I would prepare a definition essay using the Toulmin method by ensuring my argument contains a criteria section (warrant and backing) and a match section (stated reason and grounds). The definition I would discuss is the label of "grass fed beef." The enthymeme claim: Not all beef labeled "grass fed" meets the expectations of the consumer. The reason: evidence shows some cattle farmers are feeding with mostly grain and adding a small amount of hay in order to fall into the category of "grass fed." The grounds would show evidence of grain feeding and genetically modified corn feeding. The warrant: grass fed beef should be fed a higher percentage of grass than anything else. The backing would be arguments showing that proper labeling is right in principle and also benefits society and decreases deception. Conditions of rebuttal attacking reasons and grounds would be the possible questioning
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