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Experiences of Migration (Chapter 23, pp. 744-745) Nathan Aime Professor Robert P. Busek HIST 122 – Western Civilization since the Thirty Years’ War March 12, 2011 Various reasons exist for why Europeans left their native lands and moved to other countries. The population was rapidly expanding in parts of Europe which made the land unable to produce enough under those conditions. “By the end of the nineteenth century, hundreds of thousands of Sicilians were leaving, often temporarily, to find work in the industrial cities of North and South America.” 1 The text lends a broader perspective by providing primary sources in order for the reader to better understand the viewpoints of those directly involved at the time. The primary source being analyzed is a response from journalist Isador Kjelberg defending Swedish emigrants who were viewed negatively for leaving their homeland. 1 Lynn Hunt et al. , The Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures, Volume II: Since 1500 , 3rd ed. (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009), 743.
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“Among both migrants and those left behind, reactions varied from acceptance and enthusiasm to opposition and anger. The conflicting reactions appeared in official reports, local newspapers, poems, and very personal letters.” 2 The primary source document from the 1890 Hungarian government’s view pointed out the economic benefits of emigration. The Hungarian government saw emigration exclusively in financial terms. The next primary source document
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aimenathan_Hist122_EssayAssignment - Experiences of...

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