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Nathan Aime February 23, 2011 Vincent van Gogh's Self-Mutilation 1. This research paper will resolve the question of whether van Gogh's self-torture was the result of someone provoking him, or if it was simply the result of his own insanity. 2. I have decided to conduct my research on Vincent van Gogh’s self-mutilation because I have had a background upon his works of art from a few of my art history classes; finding him quite interesting, and I am very intrigued to find answers as to why he caused self-mutation to himself, or more or less what caused him to do such sabotage to his own body. 3. Five sources that I plan to use for my paper are: 4. a. Breuning, Margaret. “Vincent van Gogh.” Parnassus 7, no. 6 (1935): 7-20. b. Heinich, Nathalie. Glory of Van Gogh : An Anthropology of Admiration. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1996. c. Rouse, Ken. “Some Psychological Processes in the Development of the Creativity of Van Gogh and Faraday . Leonardo 16, no. 3 (1983):
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