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References Burke, K. & Burke-Samide B. (2004, July/August). Required Changes in the Classroom Environment: It’s a Matter of Design. The Clearing House, 77(6), 236-240. Dunn, K. & Dunn, R. (1987, March). Dispelling Outmoded Beliefs About Student Learning. Educational Leadership, 44(6), 55-63. Freiberg, H.J. (1999). School climate: measuring, improving, and sustaining healthy learning
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Unformatted text preview: Environments. doi: 10095023. Mucherah, W. (2008). Classroom climate and students’ goal structures in high-school biology classrooms in Kenya. Learning Environments Research, 11(1), 63-81 Sullo, R.A. (1951). Activating the desire to learn. doi: 10156586 Tanner, C.K. (2001, April). Into the Woods, Wetlands, and Prairies. Educational Leadership, 58(7), 64-66....
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