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My Decision to Attend College Nathan D. Aime (4134653) American Military University Professor Kathy Black 07/18/10 I am attending college because of the point at which I am at in life. I am in my early thirties and have accomplished so much already: Fire Equipment Operator at the Baton Rouge Fire Department, Staff Sergeant of the Marines, being a financial advisor, and creating my own business. Why stop now? I will be retired in my early fifties, I feel there is so much more left of life that I would like to accomplish. I do not want to depend solely on the retirement that I will have. What if it is not enough? So I look at college as my plan B. I am looking to strengthen the areas I have already succeeded in. I believe there is always room for improvement in anything. I am not trying to have an experience I have never had, or necessarily prepare for a new career. I am choosing to attend college because I want to do something productive with my time, which in turn may benefit me in the long run if I ever need to fall back on the degree, to help me gain the
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aimenathan_writingassesment.doc - My Decision to Attend...

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