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Nathan Aime David Becker English 102 January 23, 2011 Military-Industrial Complex The belief is out there that the institution of war, whether actual declared war or what is termed a conflict, is crucial to the modern economy. Economies of industrial nations are closely connected with military capacity and the creation of military technology. It has brought forth what is known in today's world as the ”military-industrial complex.” This industry is so inter- woven within the fabric of the economy that if the threat of war were to be eliminated, it would be financially devastating. Entire towns and cities have come into existence for the purpose of providing support of military bases. Huge sectors of society would be eliminated in manufacturing and technology of military related goods. There are millions of people who work for companies, either directly or indirectly, who gain a major portion of their money from military contracts. If those contracts ended, most of those people would become unemployed, a lot of businesses would just close up forever, and it could mean the death of a small town. This could be viewed as a very cold, practical argument justifying the presence of war as an institution to keep an ending that is wanted even though it is possible that a real war could occur and real people would die. Sometimes we have to accept the things we do not want in order to get the things we do want. War is, therefore, just a consequence unfortunately because of other objectives. It has been made evident that this argument has become a problem because of the fact that hardly anybody tries to actually make it openly. One of the defects of some practical mindsets is that they are used to coldly supporting apparently immoral actions for the purpose of accomplishing some seemingly greater good.
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Historically, war has often been a way for one country to obtain the raw materials and resources of another country. In the future, war could be a way to ensure there will be labor to
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NathanAime_EN102_Unit#5final - Nathan Aime David Becker...

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