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Nathan Aime David Becker English 102 December 20, 2010 The Right Stuff In this adventure story about the true heroism and courage of the first Americans to conquer space, Tom Wolfe, the author, describes what life was like for the men who purposely put themselves in peril for the advancement of technology and humanity. In the book, The Right Stuff, the definition of the right stuff is explained in depth through the stories of the fraternity of the men that were fighter pilots. The definition of “the right stuff” can be interpreted as literal or symbolic. One could surmise that the young navy officer candidates who entered the pilot training of the 1950s either knew, thought, or hoped, that they had the right stuff. On the other hand, perhaps some of these young men may have simply been dreaming dreams of grandeur, as young men are apt to do, perhaps looking to bolster their egos knowing others would be envious of them in this role. After all, this was a field that not just anyone could, or would, qualify to be trained in; you needed to prove you were a cut above the herd, the best of the best so to speak. Wolfe referred to the right stuff as a positive psychological trait that one either possesses or does not possess (17). It is a personality trait that cannot be determined in any other way than by pushing one’s own limits to see if that certain quality exists. In the situation of training to become a jet pilot, it is a matter of determining if the quality of confidence and bravery is carried with the individual consistently, or if it is only in fleeting moments of false bravado. The right stuff is most certainly an intangible quality that you cannot just put a finger on, as it cannot be readily defined in so many words.
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NathanAime_EN102_Unit_1.doc[1]revised - Nathan Aime David...

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